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CWS Water Rates & Service Fees to be Increased

For the first time since 1991, Community Water System will have to increase area water rates. Though the rate change is imminent, the exact amount of the increase has not yet been determined. Several factors which effect this rate change are being closely examined to make sure the increase is kept as low as possible.
Rate changes are the result of higher CWS operations costs...costs which must be passed along to the customer. In this case, vehicle and heavy equipment fuel costs have increased dramatically. Utility bills have more than doubled. Supplies and equipment used to treat and transport water are higher today than ever before. And, several areas within our system are older and must be completely replaced as problems occur. These area upgrades either involve the installation of new replacement mains, or mains with larger capacities to better serve the growing water demand. In addition, our service area and population has increased steadily over the past several years. To meet the needs of this growth, an additional service crew will be added. This will be the first time in 15 years that the CWS Service Team has been expanded.
In addition to water rates, CWS Fees and Service Charges will also be adjusted. The same factors that effect water rates effect these items as well. Consequently, a new Meter Deposit Policy has been established. Service Fees will now be charged on all customer requested visits. This includes checks for leaks, meter accuracy checks, in-home pressure problems, visits to turn water off or on and any other non-system related investigation requests. Please note that fees will only be charged if a problem is not found on CWS's side of the meter. Charges for services which occur during normal business hours will be less than those charged after-hours, weekend and holiday visits. For amounts on updated Fees and Service Charges, please contact Community Water System in Greers Ferry.